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The Best of Youngblood (1998) The Best of Youngblood (1998)

Since late 1994, the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) has featured a regular column called Youngblood which accepts contributions from the twentysomething and below. Here are some of the articles I wrote for that column. (These are reprinted with permission from Inquirer opinion editor Jorge Aruta.)

In September 1998, the PDI and Anvil published The Best of Youngblood, a collection of selected articles. My essay entitled Oily conspiracy (29 June 1995) was included there.

What does it take to be anti-GATT?6 Dec 1994Explains the reasons why concerned groups and individuals oppose the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
The tolling of the bells22 Dec 1994During Christmas, the bells summon us to hear mass for nine straight days. But for the people of Tartaria, the tolling of the bells means something else.
The other wonder of Boracay12 Jan 1995Boracay, located in the Visayas area, has the best that Nature has to offer. Too bad the foreigners are getting the most of it.
Growing up on comics26 Jan 1995How comic books helped me learn the value of reading and a philosophy of life from the struggles of poor people.
Slippery reality9 Feb 1995For most shoe wearers out there, there are some lessons we can get from putting on slippers. This explains my life in college and beyond and how my slippers figure in my (mis)adventures.
The politics of loving14 Feb 1995Analyzes the concept of class love and sex love and explains the attitude of social activists towards love, intimacy and relationships.
Election illusion21 Feb 1995Is there hope for social change after the May 1995 elections?
Taxing situation14 March 1995Explains the implications of a pending bill in Congress which seeks to simplify the computation of the personal income tax.
What�s wrong with oil deregulation?27 May 1995Presents basic facts on oil deregulation and analyzes its implications.
The truth about oil price hikes13 June 1995Explains the agenda of Caltex, Shell and Petron in calling for another round of oil price hike and how government also gains through taxes.
Oily conspiracy29 June 1995This column is included in the anthology The Best of Youngblood (1998). It discusses basic concepts in computing the retail prices of petroleum products and explains why the impending oil price hike is baseless.
Why there should be a rollback instead6 July 1995Analyzing the rationale behind the impending oil price increases demands not only a sense of economics but also a sense of history.
From GATT to OGRE30 Sept 1995The GATT, which government proclaimed as the Almighty Economic Savior, is actually the Omniscient Grim Reaper (OGRE).
The economics of Christmas28 Dec 1995The dialectics of what I want for Christmas and my case against the materialism that goes with Christmas celebration.

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